'I am writing to say thank you for the incredible support my family and I receive from Create Hope. I have found my sessions with Sarah from Create Hope so helpful. Knowing I'm going to be seeing Sarah gives me an opportunity to take the time to reflect and think about the challenges we are having as an adoptive family and express them in a safe environment with no judgement. They empathy and understanding has been amazing and made me feel like despite the challenges, we are doing well as a family and ultimately doing our best. Being able to express my emotions, especially powerful ones, has helped take the fuel out of them somewhat so that I feel more able to manage them better. This has been great for the whole family and everyone has noticed a really difference. I am calmer and definitely a better mum to my children. Being able to share and take the time to focus on me and my family is so positive and I honestly feel we would struggle without this support. I feel this support should be offered to all families who struggle as I'm convinced it helps family stay strong and probably even in some cases helps them stay together!'

'Thank you once again for your continued support through our bonding as a forever family.'

Parent July 2017


‘We adopted a sibling of three, eight years ago and two of our children have additional needs, relating to their trauma they experienced in early life.  Catherine has supported our family during the last eighteen months with play therapy for our daughter. This space allows her to feel accepted, gives her a sense of belonging and enables her to share her thoughts and feelings. This has proved invaluable and we can see how much this has benefitted her. She enjoys the time she spends with Catherine and looks forward to her visits each week. Catherine is also teaching us as parents filial play therapy in order to consolidate the work she doing with our daughter. For anyone experiencing challenging, emotional or behavioural difficulties with their child/children, this is a wonderful resource available to our community and we would have no hesitation in recommending this service and support.’ 

Parent  April 2015