Create Hope offers emotional support to children, young people and families.  Created out of the faith and passion of our CEO who witnessed a greater need for therapeutic services in Berkshire through her direct work with families, schools, voluntary and statutory services.  

Catherine HockleyCreate Hope responds to environmental issues such as domestic abuse, family separation, bereavement, chaotic family life, addiction, low self-esteem etc. by delivering different creative and systemic based therapy. We support family’s emotional needs, giving people a safe space to explore and express their feelings, explore relationships and challenge communications, process past hurts, develop self-awareness and empathy, and move towards the changes they need to make.

Through our services we help families and individuals build resilience, self-confidence and stronger, healthier relationships.  We focus on empowering the individual offering a family/client-led rather than a service-led approach.  As a preventative service we step into the gap supporting those in need before diagnosable mental health issues have developed.  Reducing wait times, and pressures on statutory services such as Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

Create Hope’s aim is to reach out to people and enable them to find their voice through creativity.  It is about individuals; showing people they matter, that everyone matters.  The hope is to make a difference in someone’s life; helping them see beyond their troubles.