These sessions are for the whole family, or groups within the family targeting specific issues.  The aim of these is to help families find restoration and deeper understanding of each other’s needs.  Giving families a space to share, listen and be heard. 

We can incorporate our creative and play therapy approaches where appropriate to help engage different ages and members of the family and also provide a safe space for families to explore their communication and
challenges together.

We recommend a minimum of 8 sessions; however, this does depend on the needs within the family and more sessions may be offered. Usually, the first session will be a space for the parents to come and share more
about their situation, and work on a plan of how and when we bring different members in and what the focus for the sessions will be.

The systemic approach is focused on putting the problem the family are experiencing in the middle and exploring how each member is responding to this and the actions, behaviours and emotions which are being evoked.
The systemic sessions are £60 each. Bursary funding is available for families if required.

Referrals can come from Families direct or professionals supporting the family.

For more information please contact us or to make a referral please click here