Non-violence resistance parental support is a therapeutic approach for families where violent, aggressive or controlling behaviours cause relationship difficulties between parents and children.  Maybe your son or daughter is being physically aggressive towards you, maybe they are defying boundaries by staying out past curfews you have set, or maybe they are becoming increasingly more controlling or verballing aggressive at home. 

Non-violence resistance parental support could help.  We are offering 1-1 or group sessions to talk about the challenges you are facing, explore your own emotions and responses, share experiences with others and learn NVR principles to explore ways of resisting the violent behaviours. 

We will look at the principles around increasing parental presence to strengthen parent-child relationships, self-care for you as a parent, developing your network of support to break down the secrecy and hiddenness around the aggressive behaviours and empowering you to resist these behaviours safely. 

One-to-one sessions are held weekly for a minimum of 8 sessions. They are for an hour and can take place in person at our centre in Bracknell or online. The sessions can be attended by both parents if possible.

We also run NVR groups over 10 weeks. The sessions are 2 hours each, and these are held in person at our centre in Bracknell.

Whether one-to-one or as a group the sessions will cover the principles of NVR including announcements, sit ins, reconciliation gestures and de-escalatory approaches.  There will be homework tasks set and space to reflect on your learning and the shifts and changes you notice as you implement the NVR approach. The group sessions will give you an opportunity to share your experences with others.

One-to-one sessions cost £40 per session for a minimum of 8 sessions,

NVR group sessions are £140 per person or £200 per couple. We require a minimum of 8 families to run the group. Bursary funding is available to support with costs.

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