We offer Play Therapy/therapeutic play to children to help them explore and express their emotions.  We adopt a non-judgmental approach, allowing the child to lead the session at their pace, setting clear boundaries appropriate to the needs of the individual and enabling them to explore and express their emotions and have these validated.  In turn this helps children express themselves and find ways of coping with their difficulties.

While we have an array of toys and creative equipment available the sessions are child led, so if they prefer to talk or express themselves in other ways we will support them in this.  

Our sessions are also suitable for teenagers, where we often use more of a creative therapy approach to help them deal with emotional struggles impacted by different environmental issues.  We create a safe space for the teenager to share their story and work through their emotional responses. 

Our sessions are offered 1-1 and we recommend a minimum of 12 sessions to help develop a therapeutic relationship and give space for the child/young person, however some children may need further sessions. 

We support children and young people impacted by different life events such as family separation, bereavement, bullying, living with family members mental health, transitions, abuse etc. We also support children and young people struggling with self-harming behaviours, addictions, low self-esteem, exploring their identity including gender and sexuality and other experiences which are impacting their emotional health and wellbeing. 

Most of our sessions take place at our centre in Bracknell, at the Court house. If you are referring a child as part of a school or other organisation we can support children in school, however require a minimum of 2 children per school/setting to do this. 

We accept referrals from parents/carers, schools, social services, GP’s and other statutory and voluntary agencies.

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Also please feel to call us on 01344 566295 if you would like to chat through your situation and we can tell you more about the support we can offer.