At Create Hope we believe in the message of Jesus Christ. We are inspired by his life and serving heart and desire to demonstrate unconditional positive regard to all. We believe through him we can be whole and free.

We seek to treat people with respect and dignity. Recognising their individual gifting’s and seeking to empower and encourage them to bring about change and growth.

We seek to help families regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds or circumstances, offering emotional support through our integrative therapeutic and creative approaches. We don’t force our Christian values on others, although provide a space for families to explore these if they choose.

We seek to care for and support all our staff and volunteers to enable their personal and professional development. We believe in a holistic approach, working with other agencies involved in supporting families and signposting to additional services where appropriate.

We aim to partner with local churches to learn from and be of benefit to one another, as well as providing on-going support to families we are supporting.

Please read our full mission and ethos statement which is available here.