This is an 8 week course for parents, run in small groups.

The course will provide the opportunity to:


Using a variety of creative therapy approaches, participants will have space to process their feelings and share within a safe group environment.

This can help parents who feel they can become disregulated by their child/partner's emotions, have experienced their own past traumas, are dealing with a personal change in circumstances which is impacting them emotionally, or those recognizing an emotional need and wanting to invest some time for themselves.

Each session is for one and half hours, and refreshments will be provided.

In order to run this course, we need a minimum of 6 participants. This can be individuals or run through a school, or other provision.
The cost is £80 for individuals for the full 8 weeks.
If you want to run as a group for a minimum of 6 parents, the total cost is £480.
If you would like to book a space, or find out more please click here