Testimonies from schools

‘The children who attend sessions with Create Hope come back to class more settled and ready to learn.  It has also helped our parent/carers gain a better understanding of their children.’  

FSA ascot heath infant school.  March 2018


‘Giving children a skilled person to work with to meet and support a range of needs.  Therapeutic play is an alternative way of helping children, different to what we can provide in school.  I would recommend this service as children need a dedicated time to express themselves, talk and not be judged and Create Hope does this.

The worker we have is fantastic, she is calm and patient and doesn’t cut corners, she understand the needs of the school and is flexible and communicates brilliantly’.

Family support worker Kennel lane school.  March 2018


‘Create Hope offer an alternative service to schools where the child and family are supported on a purely emotional level. The benefit of this support provides the children with time to explore and develop new relationships in an environment, which is non-threatening. Our children have benefitted from having this support and they each look forward to seeing their therapeutic worker.

The parents are also pleased with the service and feel that the sessions have helped their children. The sessions do not offer a cure and they do require a commitment from the school, as time is essential. Often the children requiring such support need more time than most to develop successful relationship where they are confident and secure to invest into a new person.’

Head Teacher, College Town Infant  School.  August 2016.


'Create Hope's service has been extremely supportive not to just individual children but also families too. It has enabled children to build a bond with another adult and use the sessions to meet their needs, both emotional and mentally. The sessions are developed at the pace of the children and nothing is imposed on them, it is all embracing and a very positive experience for all.'

Deputy Head, Ascot Heath Infant School


'It is imperative that schools have play therapy available for children as it really helps them deal with things in a non-threatening way.  It provides a safe and secure space, giving children tools to deal with their difficulties and enable them to build resilience and self-worth'

'Through play therapy a child in our school was able to regulate his emotional responses, which built his resilience, sense of self worth, and dramatically improved his academic progress.'

'Through play therapy a child in our school moved from fright-flight mode; responding emotionally to situations and being unable to accessing his education, peer relationships and support to learning to deal with his past events in a none threatening environment.  This in turn has helped him develop the skills to reason through his emotional responses, sit with these and persevere with difficult situations he faces.'

'Play therapy is a key part of the emotional support we offer through our school, it offers children a safe and secure space.  The process can't be rushed, but through investing in this we have seen children grow in their confidence, sense of self worth, resilience and academic progress'.

SENCo Holly Spring Infant School Bracknell May 2015